Football aka Soccer!

Note of explanation for US readers: This post is about a sport we call football here in the UK. I think you know it as soccer!

Football plays quite a large part in our household. My OH has always played both 11-a-side & 5-a-side football (he still does even at 54!). Alongside this, he supports a team called Gillingham. It is the town he spent most of his early years in & he has always promoted the view that local teams should be supported.

Sadly for us (because obviously, he takes me along to watch!) they are not the best team in the world. Again, for US friends, there are 4 leagues in England:- the Premiership (where you’ll find Manchester United & co); the Championship; League One; League Two. At the moment Gillingham are near the bottom of League Two so you can see we are not very good.

However, we have had our moments of glory. In 2009 they got through to the ‘play offs’. That is where the top 3rd,4th,5th & 6th play off against each other to go up to the next league. (Gosh this is getting far too complicated!!)

Anyway, this picture is of our triumphant day when we won a game which took us into League One. The fact that we were relegated back down to League Two the next year is not spoken about!! The game was held at Wembley, the home of English football. Even non-football fans cannot help but be awe-struck  with the atmosphere of the stadium.


Family affair: Mum, Dad, DS & bestest friend!


This post is for Alphabe- Thursday Letter ‘F’. Pop over to Jenny Matlock’s fab blog to read some more entries!

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