Enormous! (NYC#3)

Well after my post ‘Dainty’ last week, I’m going to the other extreme with ‘Enormous’. It is really good that the alphabet has the letters ‘D’ and ‘E’ following.

It is a chance for me to share some more of our New York photos with you. I was told before going that I would find everything very large. Certainly the buildings met that description in height. There were other things we noticed too.

We got caught out the first morning with innocent sounding ‘Bacon and Eggs’. The picture in the slideshow doesn’t really show just how large the plate was. The portion of scrambled eggs I would probably have served 2/3 with and it went with 6/7 rashers of bacon plus fried potatoes!

Even the dustbins in the parks seemed way over the top in size. Do Americans really created that amount of rubbish?! Do go and look at the other things we spotted like slices of pizza, chicken as a starter to your meal and more waste bins!


Make sure you pop over to Jenny Matlock’s fantastic blog to see some other ‘E’s!

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