Edinburgh – ‘E’ it’s grand!

Jenny Matlock’s fabulous Alphabe-Thursday has moved to the letter ‘E’. As those of you who follow my posterous blog will know, hubby and I have recently been to Scotland for a visit and stayed in Edinburgh.

It is a wonderful city although at the moment, many of the roads have been completely dug up to make way for a new tram system. The residents have been long suffering over this as it has been going on for a long time while the Council makes up it’s mind on the route but it is now on it’s way and will certainly make getting around much eaiser.

There is an air of grandness about the city which is over-looked by the impressive Arthur’s Seat. It has large granite tenaments that tower skywards and the history that they hold can be seen in a number of small museums that celebrate the social and economic development of the city.

Whilst we were there we visited the new museum. It cost a great deal of money but for us, it was well worth it. Gone are the dusty cabinets full of even dustier exhibits. They are now creatively displayed encouraging the viewer to really get involved. There were lots of interactive opportunites which obviously engaged the children as well as the grown ups!

Scotland earned devolution in 1998 which means they have their own parliament and as it is a democracy, the public are welocme to join the various debates. We found this a great opportunity. Fancy just being able to walk in and hear what your representatives are saying on your behalf. This is made all the more remarkable when one thinks of all those places in the world where the citizens don’t even get a vote!

One of my favourite authors is Alexander McCall Smith (I met him last time we visited) and many of his stories are set in and around the city as are those of Ian Rankin of Rebus fame. Many folks will know of the Edinburgh Festival especially the fringe events so as a city it certainly has something for all interests!


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