I was struggling to find a suitable subject for this week’s letter in Jenny Matlock’s Alphabet-Thursday. It is the letter ‘D’ but apart from daffodils which have all gone now, my mind was a blank.

Then I had an unfortunate accident. My memory stick (you know the old fashioned way of transferring information from a computer to other media) was bent almost at a right angle. I’m too embarrassed to explain how it happened and it is not pertinent to the story – honest!

I managed to transfer the data to a new one, deleted it from the old one and just to be safe I broke up the little black stick that has been travelling around happily in my hand bag for a long time. This is what I found.

Just look at the workmanship! I have put it next to a twenty pence piece to give you some idea of the size. All those minute pieces of electrical ingenuity. Who would have thought those little sticks we plug in were soĀ intricate!

Do pop over to Jenny’s to see what other ‘D’s have been shared!

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