Conspiracy, Chrysler and Chimneys! (NYC #2)

You’ll remember our list of sights we wanted to see when we went to New York? (NYC #1)
Well, we had some more to search for.
Obviously we wanted to see the Chrysler Building. It is usually part of any credits of films or TV shows that include New York because the ‘Art Deco’ features have put it into the icon class of NYC buildings.  As with many of the ‘must see’ buildings you have to get higher to see them as from the ground they are just another block.
In this picture, you can just see the gargoyles below the crown. They were modelled on various parts of Chrysler cars. It was the tallest building in New York when it was first erected but soon lost that title when the Empire State building was put up.
The reason for showing you this rather crooked photo was to share another on our ‘must see’ list – those red and white chimneys behind the spire. They can often be seen in films and one especially was ‘The Conspiracy Theory’ starring Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts. It is a silly bit of nonsense about someone suffering from induced OCD who ends up there.
The chimneys are actually part of one of the many power stations which is situated near the Queensboro Bridge. So, another on our list ticked off! More to come!
Now you can’t have missed the ‘C’s in the title. That is because over at Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe-Thursday has reached that letter.
Do pop over and see what the others have Come up with!

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  • Can’t see the photo either, but I’ve been to the Chrysler building so I can imagine it!

    And I loved that movie, too!

    Thanks for linking Miss Julia!


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  • oh bummer…couldn’t see the photo either.. 🙁

  • Pondside

    Can’t see the photo either – gremlins in the works, no doubt!
    The NYC skyline – iconic!

  • Something wrong with the photo. Too bad.
    But I can see it in my mind’s eye very clearly. I always loved that building, most beautiful in New York. The Empire State Building doesn’t compare.

  • I was just exercising with my xbox, and jogging through New York, the Chrysler building was one of the historic sites you pass. So sorry, I can’t see the photo either! {:-Deb

  • Jim

    Hi Julia ~~ The Chrysler Building is neat. 🙂 I remember watching it with the copper roof while going out to Elis Island and to the Statue of Liberty on the ferry boat. Hate to tell you, but for me your picture also just has a red “X” in the upper left hand corner.

    Thank you for your visit and nice comment on my “C” Collector Cars, Clothes, and Coffee. I just now ‘found’ a link to your blog. It isn’t listed as a ‘Web site’ on your Blogger profile and so I had to go searching the people who use word press. I allow anonymous comments which also allows you to leave your URL (of this blog) and you name. Please do that for me next time. I like coming here.

  • Shoot. I can’t see the photo!


  • H

    I can’t see the photo either 🙁
    (Laptop, not phone)

  • Judie McEwen

    What a famous sight!!!! I agree with you about that silly movie.

  • vbr

    The Chrysler Building is my all time favorite skyscraper. I think it is perfect. Of course, being a wonderful example of Art Deco design is probably why. Love it.

  • I cannot see the photo but I know the Chrysler Building. it seems I have no permission to see the word. I’m not a wordpress user.

    I am wondering if are the jfb57 that visited my blog. I sometimes have these visitor that has no link, no contact info, so I never quite knew who is visiting.

    anyway, it’s no big deal. I hope you have sweet day.

  • Ah, snap! I can’t see the photo. Hope to revisit once it’s fixed♫

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