Being Cheeky – Again!

Well Dear Reader, you will know my penchant for straying out side the rules; taking things a little ‘left field. Here I go again! The theme for the gallery this week is ‘Eyes’ and the lettter for Alphabe is ‘I’!! Too much of a temptation I’m afraid.

Here is my contribution

It is a ‘Hook and Eye’ that I got as a spare. I know, I know, I know – that was not what was asked for but…a spare for what you ask!

It was my excuse to show you this….

My silly ‘evening coat’ that my Darling hubby bought me for my up-coming birthday. Don’t fret, no animal gave up it’s life for this garment but the acrylic polyester community is mourning a loss of millions!

Now pop over to Tara’s for the Gallery then over to Jenny’s for Alphabe. Go!

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