Alphabe-Thursday O is for Oh Dear!

After finding Jenny’s blog I decided that I wanted to have a go at Alphabe-Thursday. Although I’m a new blogger, I did my research because I know that’s what you do (I read the instructions!)& started to think what I could write about for the next letter.

I chose a picture that would be the centre of my post and here it is:

Β This is my wonderful OH! He is my rock! He is never naive. He’s nearly a’ new man’. He’s always non-judgemental when I mess up. I’m nuts about him because he is so nice! He is my Nick!

So…did you spot the deliberate mistake? Yes – my research took me to last weeks letter N but having got it ready, I wasn’t going to waste it! Hope that’s Ok!(I will understand if I have to do a detention but it is my first time!)

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