All the Queens Houses!

Alphabe has arrived at the letter’Q’ this week & I just had to take the opportunity to share my association with Her Majesty! (Got your attention now haven’t I!)

I am one of many folk who has had the privilege of looking round two of her homes, & they are homes despite being a little larger than ours!

Buckingham Palace


This is Buckingham Palace which is a very famous landmark. When the royal household is in Scotland during the summer, you are able to go round some of the rooms. It is a very grand place but warm, clean & somehow it has a comfortable feel. It is a working palace so does not have that musty, dusty feel that many palaces do.

I have to say as you walk up the grand staircase with the strains of Zadoc the Priest playing on the audio guide, you can really imagine what it is like to be a princess!

Balmoral Castle


Now when people like me are touring Buckingham Palace, this is where you could find the Queen. It is Balmoral Castle in Scotland & again, when there is no-one staying there it is open to the public. It looks very grand but in terms of castles, chateaux & palaces, its is quite small – more like a country house.

It does not have the grandeur of the home in London. You can tell that it is a place where a family spends time together. Set in magnificent grounds, you can picture the Royal Family riding, walking, fishing & above all relaxing!

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