Quack! Quack! – A Duck’s Tale!

You may have met me before! Julia is on holiday but wanted to take part in this week’s Alphabe so has added a ‘Q’ for you!


I’m Dolores

I live at Sheffield Park . Heard of it?

It’s a landscaped garden in East Sussex. We’ve been here for generations. It’s a great place to bring up ducklings & chicks – lots of space & water. For instance if you have trouble with the neighbours, there are at least 3 other stretches of water (I think humans call them lakes & ponds) that you can move to for some peace. As you can see there are loads of water lilies so plenty of food for me & the youngsters

Anyway Sheffield Park gets lots of human visitors. Apparently they come to see the trees! We don’t do flowers but trees – well we have them all shapes & sizes. Humans love to walk around here,crossing  the lakes via the really delightful bridges. Maybe they don’t have gardens of their own?

While I’m walking around, I like to watch their odd behavious & eavesdrop on their conversations. There was this couple yesterday who were smelling the air! Honestly – sniffing away! For goodness sake! Have they no idea how foolish they look? It seems the scent of all the rushes along the water brought back memories of summers walking along meadows when they were young.

Humans are really funny creatures because some of them talk to us! Don’t they realize we’re ducks! Anyway, as if I’d tell them where I was going! It’s got nothing to do with them!

Sheffield Park is kept very nice by a team of humans who come in regularly to mow, trim & weed. I think they are from the same brood as they have jumpers with National Trust on them.

All in all I can heartily recommend Sheffield Park. It’s certainly worth a visit especially if you are looking for a nesting place. One word of warning though. Look out for the family of swans. Now they have cygnets, they think they own the place!

Do you know of any great National Trust places that are good for ducks?


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