13 Challenges – #7/4 Travel Lodge Reading

Those of you who are following these challenges will know that when I go presenting for 100Word Challenge and have to stay over, we often stay in the accommodation in services stations on the motorway. See

Well as I was presenting at 9.10 am at the Sunday Times Education Festival we needed a bed for the night and the Travel Lodge at Reading provided it. Sadly, that was all that was provided! As we entered the building the door to the ‘Conference Room’ was open to reveal it was being use to sort linen, both clean and dirty.

The single, very small tablet of soap in the bathroom fought to give up any bubbles and soon disappeared with hubby’s rigorous application. Apparently shampoo is available from reception but you only know that if you read the small print in your print out when booking on line.

Wifi was provided for the princely sum of £5 per hour ( I wonder how much they’d charge for shampoo) but the lad on the desk suggested I went into the services where it is free.

My husband always holds his breath when we first enter a hotel room because he knows how I feel when they are cramped and not nice. Well, the bed was not particularly inviting (picture taken after we had sat on it) and even though the room was a good size, it lacked any feeling of ‘we want you to have a good time while you stay with us’.

I know this type of accommodation is in the budget end of the market but this definitely felt cheap and not that cheerful.

If you have not caught up with the #13 Challenges, do look at the tab at the top and see what it is all about!


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