13 Challenges – #9/1 Chartwell

If you have been a regular reader of this blog, you will know that Chartwell is one of my most favourite places in the world. It was the home of sir Winston Churchill during the time he was prime minister.

It is full of his writings and paintings and obviously various displays outlining the progress of WW11. Beyond that though, it is a family home. It is bright and open and you can imagine Winny and Clementine spending many happy hours there with their children.

The gardens form part of extensive grounds. There is a pond full of Koi carp and a seat where apparently Winston would sit and draw, write and think. At the lower level of the grounds is a wonderful bronze sculpture of the two of them.

For me it is somewhere to go when I need a lift. It oozes calm whilst at the same time there is determination in the air. We often pop in when we have been to Kent and just wander round the garden. I always feel uplifted. The National Trust has done a great job of maintaining this estate and if you visit, you must stopped for tea and cakes!

Sculpture in the Studio

Sculpture in the Studio

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  • Franklin Bruder

    He is missed by both Chartwell and the folks on both sides of the Pond who loved and admired him.

  • Chartwell was the place we never quite made it to in all the times we visited England. The Hubs would comfort us by seeing, You have to leave something for next time! But ultimately the next time hasn’t come, and won’t —- so I am delighted to have this look at it through your eyes, who love it!

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