13 Challenges – #7/2 De Veres New Place

As many of you know we have recently celebrated our grand daughter’s christening. As it was an early service, we stayed over night in De Veres ‘New Place’ in Hampshire.

It is a very grand hotel that would be an ideal venue for weddings.

They have a leisure centre that includes a swimming pool which we took advantage of the evening before. Even Brontë had a swim!

Our room was pleasant enough but was very dark due to the ‘chalet style’ roof.

We were only there over night but the map of the venue shows that there are some lovely walks you could take during your stay.

Finally, I just had to share this clock that was in the bathroom! you couldn’t miss time passing with that!

Altogether, we had a super time. It was a nice stay and meant we were able to relax for the service next day.

If you haven’t caught up with 13 Challenges, do have a look at the tab at the top for more details!

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