13 Challenges – #7 /5 Travel Lodge, Silverlink

In yesterday’s post, I complained about the lack of facilities in Travel Lodge at Reading. Hubby and I were off on our presenting travels again and booked into the Travel Lodge in Newcastle. The booking had already been made before the experience in Reading and I’m glad it was because it was SO different!

Armed with the knowledge of what is NOT provided in these establishments, we went prepared by taking soap, shampoo, hairdryer. I even made sure I understood ‘toggling’, using my phone to provide wifi for my ipad. Although the signal was very weak, at least I was able to check emails.

The whole experience was different. As it was not part of a service station it provided its own  breakfast arrangements and although we did not test these, the smell of bacon and eggs was good. We did take advantage of a late night tipple in the bar.


So, what did we learn from these two visits? They were both Travel Lodge and as far as the rooms were concerned, exactly the same. The differences were the additional facilities and the friendly staff. Both in the same price bracket but at Silverlink you felt it was good value.

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