13 Challenges – #7 /1 Days Inn

I was delivering a couple of presentations at BETT 2013 so rather than get up at a ridiculously early hour, we decided to stay over for the night. Now we had stayed in London the previous week-end so needed to look for something a little cheaper!

Clackett Lane service station provided our bed for the night. It is owned by Days Inn and is really quite pleasant. The rooms are spacious; tea, coffee and a hair dryer are provided and of course there is a shop very nearby if you need anything!

If you haven’t caught up with my 13 Challenges please read ’13 Challenges’

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  • I don’t know if this is how it actually looks, or if you’ve done something to the lighting in the photo, Julia, but reds and yellows are my favorite hues, especially in winter. So this has immense appeal!
    When you say Clackett Lane Service Station, do you mean a place that pumps gas? (petrol?)
    Because I’ve never seen one with rooms to let, let alone with gorgeous lighting. Sounds like a great choice.

  • Looks pretty good overall

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