13 Challenges – #6 /3 Frome

When I retired from Headship, one thing we were hoping to do was to go out each week on a picnic. Now that may seem strange when you think about the weather in the UK but picnics do not have to be sitting on blankets in the open air.

Our first of 2013 was to the Somerset town of Frome. It is a typical market town (actually had a market on the day we visited), has cobbled streets and lots of tea shops! It has shops with names of ‘Apothecary’ and ‘Emporium’ and niche shops that take you back to the very tasteful fashions of 1950s.

One street has a selection of shops that would be heaven for crafters with knitting, sewing and beads. It was really interesting to see, given that in my area you have to look hard for a shop selling thread to sew on a button.

The modern has had an influence with a £ Stretcher, Costa and Subway but these are accommodated in the character of the town.

Altogether, it is a super place for a visit!

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