13 Challenges – #6 /1 – Manchester

Over the Christmas break we like to go and visit a city and look at the shops. It’s not actually sales shopping but we often find the odd bargain.

This year we went to Manchester. It is a fairly easy trip up a couple of motorways. We park at a station in the outskirts then get the Metro in. This saves all the worry about car parks and time limits.

The Metro stop was in the centre of the shopping area called Piccadilly Gardens. Once we had alighted the noticeable thing I was aware of was the sound of the trams constant beeping letting pedestrians know to get out of their way.

It was a typical drizzly day in the city that is the third largest in the UK and as it was post Christmas people were busying around looking for bargains or getting into the ‘back to work’ mood.

As with many city centres, there are a variety of shopping experiences. In the centre the Arnedale Centre, originally based on a typical American Mall, is now fully recovered from the bombing in 1996. In the side streets, there are lots of niche shops and specialist outlets giving an ‘upper end of the market’ atmosphere.

Our visit was very brief but one gem that we found by accident ( isn’t that often the way!) was the National Museum of Football. Although it is situated in THE football mad city in England, it was not overly full of United and City memorabilia. Hubby would have liked more of the history of the ‘beautiful game’ but maybe that will come as the museum develops.

Altogether, a very pleasant ‘after Christmas’ trip.

Not sure what the 13 Challenges are? Have a read ’13 Challenges’. do look at the tab and drop down menu to see them all! 

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