13 Challenges – #4/ 2 Bertie Plays the blues

This is one in the series of Scotland Street novels by Alexander McCall Smith. As you know if you are a regular reader, he is a favourite author of mine and you’ll see that I have even had coffee with him in the room where he writes!

This is a wonderfully gentle read with lots of smiles. Imagine being the new parent of identical triplets. How do you tell them apart, especially when you have cut off their hospital  tags?

Imagine being nearly 7 and wanting a different mother? One who does not make you learn Italian and attend psychotherapy.  How do you find them? Idea – sell yourself on e-bay!

These and other gems can be found between these pages. Do go and treat yourself!

If you are not sure what ’13 Challenges’ is all about, have a look at the tab at the top and all will become clear!

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