13 Challenges – #4 /1 ‘Nemesis’

Nemesis by Jo Nesbo

This is the first novel by this author that I have tackled although I am getting a real interest in things Scandanian! I’ve read some of Henning Mankel and am becoming a real fan of the TV series Borgen. This new direction has come from my friend who is an avid reader and keen on the slow dark novel that seem to come from that part of the world.

Nemesis, set in Norway, is a very complex story with lots of threads that sometimes don’t seem to link. At several points, I thought I had come to the end of the story only to see lots more pages to read and was then taken off in another direction.

I’m not a slow reader but to complete the challenge of reading 13 books in a year, I am going to have to apply some speed reading tactics. However, they were not use with this book. I had to concentrate so that I got the full intricacies of the story and all the characters. By the end though, I was routing for the good guys and very impressed with the various solutions they came to.

I usually read a little before going to bed hence the scene for the picture.

If you haven’t caught up with ’13 Challenges’ do read the tab at the top and the drop down menu for all of them.

As both the story, me setting out on this challenge and finishing my first book in it , is a great adventure, I am posting this over at Tara Cain’s blog Sticky Fingers for the Galley which this week is ‘Adventure’!


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