13 Challenges – #3/3 Colchester

This is another in the 13 Challenges series. I have got out of sync with the football matches so they won’t appear in chronological order but you will know about them all eventually!


The first game of Gillingham’s 2013/14 season (now in League 1) was at home against Colchester. The first game is always a bit of fun as the club arranges for some special items before the match.

This year was no different. We had the Gills Gems, a troope of majorettes doing a great display. They also announced that we would see Gillingham Legends over the season. The player chosen to start this off came out through a guard of honour formed by the gymnasts.

Time for the teams to come out saw the ‘Management Team’ come out first. It is good to see those in the back room and give them a cheer. Even the ground staff were there. The pitch is always kept really well so the groundsman certainly deserves some applause.

The match was only a few minutes old when one of the Gills players was injured and had to be taken off and from then, they never got back their composure. The final score was a disappointing loss of 0 – 1.

Still there are lots of games they can win before the end of the season!

(Gallery of players warming up, mates having a pint before the game and the all important tickets!)

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