13 Challenges – #2 /1 The Shakespeare

This is the first entry for the Pubs challenge and rather than give you a new one I have decided to set the scene for you!

When I was a Head Teacher we always went from school to a pub on a Friday. We don’t have a pub near us that we are comfortable in so often become regulars at one that needs the car. Once I retired, we decided that as we have a working week, we would still have our Friday drink. As we were coming from a different direction we changed our ‘local’ and can now be seen in The Shakespeare at Redland, Bristol from about 6.30pm.

Meet Rhodri!

They serve good and very reasonably priced food with a ‘special’ on most nights. For instance on curry night you get – yes a curry- but also all the accompaniments plus a drink for under a tenner!

One new feature which I hope will be continued is a monthly newsletter. This is full of info about the various happenings and offers. Although we are usually only there on Fridays, it is good to keep up with what is going on.

If you have not caught up with ’13 Challenges’ do have a look and visit all the other mad things I have planned for the year!

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