13 Challenges – #13 / 2

Not sure what the 13 Challenges are? Have a look at '13 Challenges'

We were going to London on the train and had planned to buy a Telegraph before setting off. Unfortunately, there were none available so we ended up with this Guardian one.

It is very interesting how different crosswords 'feel' and it takes a while to get into the mind of the person who sets it!

Result is – we didn't finish it!!!

Hopefully you can help with the clues we couldn't manage :-

  • 9 Across – Show electronic cable? (6) E _ I _ C _
  • 17 Down – Tiny amount of petrol mistakenly offered at under a dollar (7) A _ O _ L _ T (hubby thinks letter 6 is an A)
  • 24 Across – Mature bulb regularly coming into flower (6) _ U _ I _ E


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