13 Challenges – #12/ Mike

Meet Mike! A cornish man ( or is it a man of Cornwall) now living in Bristol.
A L-O-N-G time ago, there was the possibility of him becoming my deputy head. He was my numeracy consultant at the time and he gave my staff and the children some great support in all things mathematical.
We worked very well together so he would have been the ideal candidate to support me as I opened a new school. Unfortuntely for me, another opportunity came his way so I lost out :(. He is now a headteacher of a very successful school but we still keep in touch for a good gossip. As he is near my son’s age, I do consider him my ‘Bristol’ son!
Please look closely at the plate in front of him. What you see are not the remnants of a yummy pudding. That is the pattern! Pudding was dispatched PDQ!

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