13 Challenges – #12 / 8 Ceri & Kath

This week over at the Gallery, the theme is ‘From the Archives’. Now I know the people in this post will be a bit cross but they go ‘way back’!

Meet Ceri and Kath. They are dear friends of ours and Ceri is one of hubby’s school friends so I feel it is correct to include them in the ‘old’ theme.

Here they are inspecting their wonderful garden. Ceri is the only one of our friends whose garden is so big he needs one of those sit-on mowers!

In this one, we were all admiring their new ‘brook’. They found it when a bank was cleared and it is certainly going to be a great water feature when it has matured.

Finally, it is Pimms under the shade. Just what summer days were invented for!

Not only is this post for Sticky Fingers but also as part of the 13 Challenges. If you haven’t caught up with them do click the tab at the top and have an explore!

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