13 Challenges – #12 / 5 – Jackie

Meet Jackie!

My connection with her was originally ‘professional’ when she supported a school where I was a governor. Since then we have found a number of interests that we share ( including good coffee!) and we have become firm friends.

Those of you who visit ‘Relentless Optimism’ will know that I have been on my own this week-end. Jackie kindly offered to take me out for the day – sort of ‘granny sitting’!

We visited Montecute House near Yeovil. ( This will be one of 13 Challenges #9) Jackie is sitting on a sculpture in the gardens. Can you see what it is? This next photo may help.

The sculpture is of an oak leaf hence the acorn!

It was a special day because not only did the sun come out, but we were able to have the roof down on her car! This was the first time this year for Hackie, but the the first EVER for me in such a vehicle!

In case you haven’t caught up with the 13 Challenges, do have a look at the tab at the top and catch up!!

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