13 Challenges – #10/2 #TMCarterton

I was able to attend this Teachmeet which was held at Carterton College in Oxfordshire. It was the first time the school had held such an event and it was a great success! A teachmeet is just like it says on the tin – teachers meeting together to share ideas!

Anywhere you get a chocolate as you sign in is going to be a great evening!

Just waiting for the rest to arrive. There were around 50 people present which is a great number for this sort of event. There were a variety of presentations from Bamboo Paper, GCSE Pod and of course 100 Word Challenge.

One of the highlights must be the Playdoh we were all given to use as we were listening! As you can see, I need lots of practice!


If you haven’t caught up with the ’13 Challenges’ do have a look at the tab at the top and all will become clear (I hope!)

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