13 Challenges #10 / 3 – #TMSandl

Presenting details of 100 Word Challenge is taking up quite a lot of time. However, I have found that I just can’t be in two places at once so when I am invited to go but can’t physically get there, I send a virtual presentation.

Now for the purpose of these challenges, that does not make very good reading at all! So, I have saved a few tweets from the Teachmeet held at Hereford College to give you a flavour of what the audience thought!

@theheadsoffice #100wc very well received. Expect tweets. #thanks #TMSandL— Matthew Ferriday (@ferridaym) February 7, 2013

Really liked their theme of ‘Standby and Learn’. Teachmeets are great events to learn from peers as well as do some networking and chill out!

If you are confused by all this ’13 Challenge’ business, have a look at the tab at thew top and look around!

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