13 Challenges – #10 / 1 BETT 2013

Yet another series of challenges ready to go – presenting 100 word Challenge.

These posts are going to be quite strange as some of the presentations will be virtual via a power point but we'll see how we get on.

This first one was 'real' and was for the BETT exhibition at Excel. The exhibition had been moved out to the docklands which meant a trip on the Docklands Light Railway. That in itself was an experience to see just how much regeneration has gone on in recent years. It was even more remarkable when I thought about the fact that a favourite BBC programme of mine is 'Call the Midwife' set in the late 1950's in the area we passed on the train. It was like another world!

My presentations were on the stand exhibiting Crick software. This is a company with an excellent reputation for supporting children who find the whole writing business just too much.Over the years, they have provided more and more support for class teachers and it is now not restricted to those children with learning difficulties but provides excellent scaffolding for all when writing.

They have recently launched two apps for the ipad and it was very clear that they would be excellent for the children doing 100 Word Challenge or 5 Sentence Challenge.



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