The joy of music – Day#11

Christmas music

‘Christmas without music is like turkey without stuffing’ we are told by the adverts on TV. I have to say one of my favourite parts of the festive season is the carols and the songs that are evergreens. You just have to have Bing Crosby and Wizard at sometime!


Canterbury Cathedral music

Having had a second home in this city, Canterbury has a special place in our hearts and at special times like Christmas and Easter we make sure we visit the cathedral.

Our recent trip had a wonderful experience for us because there was a school choir rehearsing for their service. I don’t know the name of the school but the cathedral isn’t let out to just anyone! They weren’t singing a carol that was known to me and there was obviously a tricky part in it as the conductor kept going over the same few bars.

The opening had a young soloist I would have put at say 15/16 and then the full choir came in. I decided that I would record them but of course, each time I pressed play, the conductor stopped them!

Have a listen to this very short clip but watch the pictures as well. I can remember doing a hand jive type thing when I was their age.



I’m sure the teachers would be horrified to know they are on camera but it did make me smile.

I loved being part of a choir and sang right into my teens. As a primary pupil I remember being taxied from a hockey match to a concert hall so that I would be there for the beginning of our performance.


Favourite Christmas music

I couldn’t possibly name my favourite carol and would have to include Christmas songs as well. They often bring me to tears when I hear them. Don’t know why but they do. The theme for today was ‘Joy’ and Christmas music certainly ticks that box.

What would be your choice of Christmas music?

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