Keeping in touch with friends – Day #9

Keeping in touch with friends

The other day, one of my dear friends, Cherryl Katherine, posted this on Face Book

Christmas cards for posting finally done. Some of these people I haven’t seen for 30 years. What a job! Would they notice if I didn’t send them? I do wonder.

We post around 90 cards to friends each year. Many are in the same category mentioned above and most are friends of hubby’s and his mum who had died before we met. So, how important are Christmas cards?

The introduction of the Penny Post in 1840 meant that for the first time correspondence could be shared across the country by ordinary folk rather than it being the prerogative of the rich. As the railways expanded and the quantity of mail that could be carried increased so did the popularity of sending cards. This was also supported by the improvement to printing and before long it was a money making enterprise especially as an unsealed envelope was half the price at a halfpenny.



Keeping in touch with friends


This collection of antique cards in Rochester show the variety of designs that were to be found. Many of then are now collectors pieces fetching a pretty penny.

Thinking back to Cherryl’s point, I did wander if she was right. The cost of cards isn’t too bad now but the cost of postage does make you stop and consider a compromise could be e-cards. Obviously, that would exclude many of the older recipients.

As I was saying in my post ‘Change v Tradition’ we do fall into doing the same every year and that is certainly true for me with cards. We have a list and only update it after Christmas when we tick who we have heard from and remove those who have sadly passed away.

We do a short letter that is mainly photos and this year I was all for cutting down those we sent it to but getting a card from someone I have never met (hubby knew them growing up) thanking us for our bright and newsy letter that ‘really cheered them up’ made me remember that is what Christmas is all about.

Do you send Christmas cards to friends?

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  • I seem to have cut back on cards gradually over the years. Much as its lovely to send and receive them, the thing I dislike is throwing them away. I know they are recycled, but all that effort and expense just to end up in the bin 2 weeks later!

  • Merry Christmas, Julia.
    I don’t sent snail mail cards out anymore, but I do try to send electronic ones. đŸ™‚

  • I send Christmas cards…I LOVE them. I don’t mind at all if this is not reciprocated, I send because I wish to and feel it to be particularly important especially in this digital age of instant messaging. I also make a donation to a charity of my choice…BUT don’t tell everyone I have done so. Controversial but I am never in favour of proclamations that people have made donations to a particular charity instead of cards etc. If you wish to send cards, do so, and enjoy. If you choose not to, don’t, and enjoy. If you choose to donate to a charity do so, and enjoy. But public proclamations of donations seem inappropriate somehow.

    • I’m not one for shouting about the money I give away either Carol. I am going to send some electronic ones this year as well as my online life has given me many friends most I’ve also never met!

    • Mo Andrews

      I totally agree. I actually think it’s a bit sad that so many don’t send cards these days. For some I know it’s a genuine decision based on giving to charity and not wasting money or an ethical thing linked to too much commercialism etc BUT for too many I suspect it’s a bit of laziness (sorry!) I just think to take a moment to send a card, perhaps writing a short special message inside speaks volumes…. Sometimes it’s to people you don’t see from year to year but it just spreads a bit of Christmas cheer and says I still care, or I remember.
      Anyway, I respect other people’s views on this but that is what I think. (Obviously based on British postal service Verushka!)

  • I do not send Christmas Cards but attach them to gifts of friends and family.Though the joy of getting a card via post is awesome but the postal service in South Africa is not reliable at all.

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