Inspiration Day#2

Inspiration from presents

Inspiration from presents

What really rocks your boat and gets you out of bed in the morning? Where do you get your inspiration from? As this is Day#2 of my ’12 Days of Christmas’ series I thought I’d take a look at the presents on my list to Santa to give me some inspiration for the new year!


I have put Sue Perkins ‘Spectacles’ on my list as I love this funny lady. She the one with glasses that does the Great British Bake Off. This book is her first foray into authorship and from the reviews will be a wonderful read (if Santa brings it to me of course!)

Now, I love a good book but don’t give myself enough time to read them usually keeping it for bath time. This means it takes me ages to get through a book and I have a growing pile even before Christmas.

Inspiration – develop a reading habit for the new year


Not very glamorous you may think but I’m hoping for some long, thick socks to stop my feet getting cold in the winter. I’ll use them for when we go to football as most of my other areas stay warm but no matter which shoes I wear, my feet always end up freezing. Perhaps it’s because we now have to sit down to watch the match. In the ‘olden days’ of terraces, you stood up and could keep your feet moving.

Inspiration – warm feet might encourage me to walk a bit every day whatever the weather

Oven gloves

There are a couple of pairs of oven gloves in our kitchen but I am fussy with what I use when cooking. Hubby loved the big thick ones that I’m sure would stop a furnace getting through. Me, I like to ‘feel’ the utensil but not the heat so often will grab a tea towel and fold it a couple of times. I do have a a pair that are separate gloves with plastic spots on. These are brilliant but as I usually only use one hand to get things out of the oven, one is very grubby and needs replacing.

Inspiration – new gloves will help with some new recipes!

New tablet cover

As you know Dear Reader, I spend a great deal of my time online and am often out and about so my tablet is with me constantly. I love Snugg covers as you can see from this post last year. My latest one is a distressed brown but it is looking very distressed if I’m honest so have asked hubby for a replacement. This is a foreign world to him but I pointed him in the right direction and hopefully he has bought me one, choosing the colour himself!

Inspiration – to cheer meetings up as I have requested a bright one!

Colouring book

I’ve just discovered the latest craze of colouring books for adults. They have all sorts of topics and themes, come in soft covers, hard covers, files where you can take the art work out and even a set of postcards that you can send once they have been completed. I have such a set and have enjoyed spending time relaxing so would like some more. Why is it when you are concentrating on something artistic, you are relaxed?

Inspiration – more me time in the new year!


So, I’m hoping that I have been a good girl and Santa will bring some of these.

 Are you hoping for inspiration in the gifts on your list?

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