Family Day#7

Knitted nativity

Christmas is synonymous with family. It is the time of the time of the year when hopefully your nearest and dearest come together to share their love and best wishes. With the advent of technology you don’t have to be in the same room or even in the same country as our recent Skype with the family in New Zealand proved.

One family that holds centre stage in many celebrations is the Holy Family. For Christians, the nativity is what Christmas is all about and it is depicted everywhere. There will be few mums reading this who haven’t had to provide a tea towel or two for a shepherd in the school nativity or who has not shed a tear at the carols sung around the crib.

Knitted Nativity

At a recent visit to Tescos I happened upon The Knitted Nativity.


Knitted nativity


The workmanship (or should I say workwomanship) was wonderful with not a dropped stitch to be seen. It is the creation of the Knutty Knitters, a group of knitters from Bristol who created the sculpture in memory of one of their members. It has been ‘on tour’ for four years and so far has raised a brilliant £80,000 for St Peter’s Hospice.

It is so fitting that it is the nativity that was chosen for this project.

Cathedral Nativity

This family is very special to the thousands of people who visit Canterbury cathedral at this time of year.


nativity at Canturbury


This life-size tableaux greets visitors in the grounds of the cathedral. It is there through all weathers and helps us remember the important message of family.

Have you a special nativity memory?

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