Comfort – Day#4

Comfort - Day#4

Comfort - Day#4

How does reasonable day dissolve into a complete mess and make you a miserable old bat? Christmas comfort? Bah humbug!

The start

When I woke up it was OK. I had to have a blood test to check I can still take my thyroxine then we were going to do our food Christmas shopping. You know – pickles, cake (yes, I don’t make one!), beer, spirits.

Blood taken by 8.40am and went to make an appointment to see the doctor when they come back. First appointment available was Christmas eve at 8.30 or I could have 5pm!! How does that happen? No doctor around for 8 days! I wasn’t asking to see a particular doctor –  just one who can read test results and take blood pressure.

The day went downhill from there!

Food shopping

Now, usually I love this bit of Christmas. We save through the year and our Christmas fund includes money for presents, visits and food. We don’t go over board, particularly since Nick had his health scare but we do treat ourselves to some nice things that are a bit naughty too.

My mood was such that I just couldn’t be bothered. Did I care what size jar of piccalilli we bought? Did I have a preference of the brand for our small bottle of Scotch? How many packets of bread sauce should we get?

The answer to most of them was ‘WHATEVER!’ which was not fair to hubby who was desperately trying not to make me crosser.

Returning home

We have our decorations up which means the settee is in comfort mode. That is where it is put on Friday evenings for me to settle down ready for my pasta supper cooked by hubby. Yes, I’m a spoilt brat I know.

Comfort - Day#4


Sitting down having a post shopping coffee I began to feel a bit calmer and to be honest was thinking what I could post for Day #4. Looking around at our trinkets I realised that we seem to have a fetish for trees. Lots of them, whether they are small on a shelf, lit up or on the stairs, are in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Now I used to live in the New Forest in Hampshire so do love trees and have to visit regularly for my fix of nature but I didn’t realise the forest was that much of a comfort to me.

Are all your decorations of the same thing?



The day isn’t over yet and will include a Skype session with my brother and sister-in-law in New Zealand. I’m feeling better and hope a nice relaxing bath will really settle me. Let’s hope tomorrow brings a better mood ALL DAY!

What settles your mood and brings you comfort?


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  • My tree seems to have quite a few angels! Glad you started to feel better, its easy to work ourselves up into a frenzy isn’t t?

  • I love Christmas trees too. And my church family enjoys them as well. This year at our church we have 8 Christmas trees in our sanctuary, one in the foyer, and I think there are 2 downstairs in the fellowship hall. I have a huge blue spruce in my front yard that I dearly love. I’ve had it since it was just about 5 feet tall, and now it must be at least 25 feet and so big around that it would take at least 10 people with arms spread to circle it. I used to decorate it with lights, but I just can’t manage to do so any longer. It’s way too expensive for that many lights, and I’d have to hire a crane to get them up. But he’s still gorgeous, of course — especially when it snows. I named him Big Blue, and I often stand in my front yard and talk to him. So, see, you’re in good company — well — that is unless you think I’m nuts for talking to trees.

    Maybe you can take a big box of chocolates to the people who work at the doctor’s office when you go Christmas Eve morning. That will brighten their day and make it seem more like part of your Christmas celebration as well. Maybe it will kick that day off to a great start after all.

  • Jane

    We don’t ‘do’ Christmas in our house since my daughter died. If my son had enough time off to visit then maybe I would have to make the effort. Christmas was always about the silly stuff. A foam basketball set was the best fun ever. Enjoy x

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