Celebrations – Day #6


Been poorly & still wobbly so not much in the way of celebrations but here are some photos to share.

The city of Rochester is only small but has a cathedral AND a castle. They are opposite each other and really make a striking statement. The 12th century castle has played a vital role in protecting the passage of ships up the Medway whilst the cathedral dating back to 604 AD has offered comfort to the people and visitors of this part of Kent.

The Castle

When we visited recently we were not able to go into the cathedral straight away as a local primary school was holding it’s nativity service. That gave us time to explore the keep of the castle which is all that remains. At the time of our visit it was surrounded by Rochester Christmas market which seemed a little incongruous but given the season and knowing that the castle would have hosted many medieval celebrations, it was understandable

rochester castle


The Cathedral

Once inside the cathedral, we could see that the children of the area had been sharing their celebrations by providing decorations throughout.

With my teacher hat on I just know that great fun would have been had making these and such pride when they were selected to share the celebrations in the cathedral.

More about these in a later post.

Can you share any celebrations you’ve seen?

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