We can be heroes – 100WCGU#180

We can be heroes

We can be heroes


The out-pouring of emotion that followed the death of David Bowie yesterday certainly marked him as an icon. People across all ages felt a sense of loss, some in the extreme, but then I suppose that was fitting for an artist who was often extreme in his music, costume and onstage presence. Despite being a very private person off stage he pursued the image of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll with vigour throughout his career, inventing a different persona with each new album

For me, I wasn’t not a fan. There are songs I like but also some that I didn’t understand and thought a bit odd. Maybe that was the point! My friend, Nickie Wadley has expressed what I imagine many will feel.

Have always respected David Bowie as a legend but never really spent a lot of time listening to his music being an 80’s pop girl and all that but have really enjoyed hearing so much of his music today. I think I will be listening to more. Sad, sad day but what an absolute legacy he has left.

It is often the case that it is not until someone is gone that you take notice and I’m sure we will be inundated with reminders of his music. His last album Blackstar, released only a few days before his death, will be analysed in depth but is being claimed as his own requiem.

It would seem that in death as in life, he remained that showman.


As a tribute to a fascinating wordsmith this week’s prompt is :

…We can be heroes…

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We can be heroes

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