Laughter Day #3

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups

Theme for Day #3 is Laughter and goodness me we did chuckle on our staff do!

Everyone goes on a staff do don’t they? It usually involves meeting up after work in your best bib and tucker to have a meal and a few drinks. I’ve seen some cracking blog posts about work dos that have produced some red faces back in the office the next day and some with tips on what not to do during your annual staff party. They included not asking for a raise. I wonder if that was because you or the boss would be drunk and regret the answer? Possibly both I suppose.

Staff Do

Anyway, both hubby and I are retired but we do run a working week and I do get to ‘go to work’ when I visit schools so we decided that we should have a staff party! As it is supposed to be an annual event, we decided we would make it special so during our recent trip we went to a favourite restaurant which although a little more expensive than our usual eateries is gorgeous and the food is divine.

It is the Crab and Winkle in Whistable and as it is on the harbourside and there is a clue in the name, it serves  fish. We love fish but I’m nervous about cooking it. I do make sure we have salmon once a week because even I can’t hurt it cooked in lemon juice and wrapped in foil. For our staff do we had fish soup, dressed crab, halibut and skate – all scrumptious as you can see.


Laughter Day#3

Laughter and 100wcgu

The staff thought it hilarious when we told them this was our works Christmas event! At first they were expecting more people to arrive but shared our laughter when we told them that we were it! So, I have decided to use this event for the prompt for 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups this week.

You have a choice! you can either use LAUGHTER or you can tell us about a STAFF DO. As always only 100 words please and make sure it is suitable for a PG certificate just in case some of my younger readers visit.

The linky will close on Sunday 20th December

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