Celebrating 100 years of Roald Dahl – the amazing wordsmith! 100WCGU#189

100 years of Roald Dahl

100 years of Roald Dahl


You may not know this but I run two other writing challenges and they have both been celebrating 100years of Roald Dahl! 


100 Word Challenge – 100WC

This challenge came before the one you are about to enter. It is run in the same way but appeals to young writers under 16. They have a variety of prompts each week and like the 100WCGU they have to use as near to 100 as possible. 

I have a team of volunteers from across the world who visit and leave supportive comments and it is these comments that have made such a huge difference to the writing quality of some students. Classes are also put into hubs to support each other. When all the world is at school, there can be around 1000 entries each week. Check out their Roald Dahl prompt! 


5 Sentence Challenge – 5SC

This challenge is for emerging writers. Schools that took part in 100WC asked about their younger pupils and also those who might be studying English as a second language.

5SC works in the same way but at the moment it is every two weeks and the prompt is more general and topic based. The pictures often come from jigsaw boxes as they have such much in them for the young writers to talk about. 

As it is a special birthday for Roald Dahl, 5SC pupils have a similar prompt which you can see HERE



Your special challenge

I just couldn’t resist getting the grown-ups involved as well in the celebrations. I was thinking perhaps I could ask you to use a special language like the BFG does (snozzcumbers, human beans, hippodumplings, crockadowndillies) to name a few.

Instead, I invite you to visit 100wc.net and choose which prompt you would like to do! 

The link will close on 19th September

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