100 Word Challenge – Week#84

100WCGU (7)

Is it fair to say, some of you didn’t read the instructions for last week or were you just feeling very low?! 😉

My football team was promoted on Saturday. It was a good game but as you can imagine had lots of tense moments in it. I know many of you do not follow football / soccer so I hope the prompt is wide enough for you.

It is:

….as the line was crossed….

You can write in any genre but please stick to the 105 words.

The link will be open until 15th April.

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  1. Fear jail
  2. The writers demon rears it’s ugly head
  3. An escape route
  4. As the line was crossed
  5. ..as the line was crossed …
  6. Slicing onions
  7. She took on issues & fought dragons
  8. A fine romance
  9. A true fan
  10. Visa line
  11. Lost soul blues
  12. Wonder days & other horror stories
  13. Scared?
  14. Jazzbumpa
  15. There can only be one outcome
  16. Camp
  17. As the line was crossed

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