100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#97

100WCGU (7)I have to admit to being a little sad that so few posts were linked last week. The children managed over 450! Maybe lots of you are on holiday;)

For this week, just a word:


Do take it in any direction you like but keep it suitable fir a PG certificate!

The link will be open until Monday 15th July


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  1. Heat: A very British summer
  2. Beauty has it’s price
  3. Mrs Teepot
  4. Toxic love
  5. The luxury of heat
  6. Heat
  7. I’ve seen rain & I’ve seen heat
  8. Haunted heat
  9. Based on a true story
  10. Heat
  11. Chupacabra
  12. First light
  13. Encounter
  14. Untitled horror
  15. The other me
  16. My body is no longer my own
  17. Alicia Audrey – Heat

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