100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#45

Thank you all for your ‘Diamond’ pieces. As I suspected they were not all focussed on Her Majesty!Please accept my apologies ( although they should be coming from WordPress!). I transferred the posts from the linky list to the front page 5 times but it would not hold them!! They are all there now and you can always read each others via the linky.

This week is reasonably normal. I was flicking through the newspaper and saw an interesting head line. So the prompt for this week is to write the article that goes with:

There’s a real buzz about this place

As usual, you only have 100 words, keep it suitable for a PG certificate and do visit each others and leave a comment. You DO NOT have to include the title above.

For those of you who are new visitors, please read ‘What is 100WCGU?’ for more details. Get in touch if it is all still completely puzzling to you.

The link will stay open until just before midnight on 18th June. Do try to encourage others to join us. It is great to see other styles of writing being shared.

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  1. A Humbling Devotion
  2. Electrifying
  3. There’s a Real Buzz About The Place
  4. Honeybees
  5. Virtual
  6. Buzz buzz Buzz
  7. Work For Idle Hands
  8. Leadership & Purpose
  9. Seat of Learning
  10. Dancing in the Rain
  11. It says so in your contract
  12. Rumours
  13. A Chance to Dance
  14. Raiding the Hive
  15. Paradise Lockdown
  16. Living, Libraries
  17. The Surprise
  18. Nightmare caused by misunderstanding -jfb57
  19. Five Go Blogging
  20. The Age of Austerity
  21. The Buzz
  22. There’s a Real Buzz About This Place
  23. Love is like a river
  24. Limebirdwriters 
  25. The Doubtful Dancer
  26. Demon Swarm
  27. Fragments from Fireflyphil
  28. Buddy’s Place

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