100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#23

!00 word Challenge for Grown Ups

It is great to see some more writers joining our weekly silliness. Do spread the word. The more we read the better we write! In case you missed the last few last week they are HERE

Now for this week we are really getting into Christmas. I’m not going to be as prescriptive as I might be so don’t grumble! I want to to choose a favourite carol and re-write it with the theme of a Christmas Dinner. You have to tell your readers which carol it is and they have to be able to sing your version back to themselves. That means the right tempo and beat. You may not need 100 words but I’ll give you that many just in case! Generous aren’t I?!!

For those of you who have stumbled here unknowing what is going on, do read THIS which hopefully will make it clearer. If it doesn’t leave me a comment below and I’ll get right back to you!

The link will be open until midnight 19th December. Let’s get singing!

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  1. Deck the Heads
  2. Mum’s Mishap with the Christmas Lunch
  3. A Lee Family Holiday
  4. Fragments from Fireflyphil
  5. No Wonder I’m Looking a Fright
  6. Away in the Kitchen
  7. Christmas Dinner Time!
  8. Go Test you Sherry Lentilman
  9. Goodwyn Wendles Lass
  10. A Dogs Dinner
  11. Christmas Lunch Saga
  12. No Rest for Busy Womenfolk
  13. In the Bleak Midwinter
  14. The Carol of the Smells
  15. Christmas Fayre
  16. The Turkey and the Roasties
  17. O Holy Chocolate
  18. Writing from the Edge
  19. Away in the Inlet
  20. Writing from the Edge (2)
  21. Brussel Sprouts – by request!
  22. Christmas Dinner at the Honie House
  23. Hark the Hungry Dinners Sing
  24. Quiet Christmas
  25. Carol of the Dinner
  26. Limebird Writer
  27. It’s Beginning to Smell a lot like Christmas
  28. Coventry Carol Revisited
  29. Do you smell what I smell? 
  30. A Different sort of Carol
  31. Boiling water, boiling water!
  32. I Came Upon a Lobster Sweet

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