100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week#19

Thank you all so much for your wonderful entries last week and welcome to our new writers! Those of you who took the Armistice route presented some really heart-rending pieces. Those of you who choose to go another way provided the humour which I’m sure our fallen would have appreciated. Do make sure you have read them as there are some really talented folks out there – WEEK#18

For this week, I want you to concentrate on one particular style of writing – dialogue. As it will be a conversation and they can be long, you are going to be able to use up to 150 words!

The prompt is: …’Are you sure it should be that colour?’ ….

So the maximum number of words is 158.

If you are new here, this may make more sense for you! 100 WCGU

Do make sure you pop in regularly to comment on the pieces. This is what the challenge is about, getting even better.

So , let’s get talking!

Click here to enter your link. It will take you to another page but I will link it back here during the week. Please tweet me when you have posted and I’ll do it as soon as I can!

  1. Pale Green
  2. Oversaturated?
  3. It Just Looks Wrong -Blog Up North
  4. Are You Sure It Should Be That Colour?
  5. The Last Chemistry Lesson Online
  6. Artistic Colour?!
  7. Good Morning! 
  8. Untold Tales of Harry Potter
  9. Temptation – Authentic Life
  10. Now or Never
  11. Ouch! (based on a true story)
  12. Special Delivery
  13. Quick Thinking Saves the Day 
  14. The Potion
  15. A Pill Please
  16. Nana It’s NOT
  17. Pale Green Chap 2 
  18. Places
  19. Pale Green Chap 3
  20. The Final Meal
  21. An Afternoon in Year 1
  22. Charlotte
  23. No Two the Same
  24. Pale Green Chapt 4 
  25. An Apple A Day 
  26. Pale Green – Final
  27. Vivid Purple
  28. It Was Always Magnolia! 
  29. Writing from the Edge
  30. Are you sure it should be that colour?

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