100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#169


Well, the trip is ended and what wonderful memories we have made. I will endeavour to get them blogged about as soon as life returns to normal, if that is possible. We travelled 26,500 miles across a number of time zones so the old jet lag is having a ball at the moment!

As always, the prompt links with my life so it is:

…so what time did you say it was?…

You have an additional 100 words to put to these to produce a creative piece of writing.  The link will close 8th March

Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list and I will transfer them here asap. I have moved those posted for Week#168

  1. The next patient
  2. Tied in Knots
  3. morpethroad
  4. The worry
  5. A time to kill
  6. Rusted can of worms
  7. Pressure cooker
  8. Anticipation
  9. Insomnia 

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