100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – week#145

Those of you who follow me here, at Relentless Optimism and on social media will know we visited London recently and searched for the benches that are part of Books About Town summer celebrations.

Each bench represents a favourite book of the artist or famous person who has sponsored it. They will be auctioned on Oct 5th when the proceeds will go to the National Literacy Trust, a charity dedicated to raising the literacy levels of disadvantaged children and young people across the UK.

As we managed to see about half of the benches, I am taking every opportunity to show you them. Here it the bench for Paddington Bear

Each bench has a small explanation of why it was chosen. The prompt this week is for you to think of your favourite book and write that explanation. As always, you only have 100 words and you have to make it a creative piece of writing.

The link will close on Sunday 24th August.

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  1. pTerry
  2. Emma loves Edgar
  3. The Crimson petal and the White
  4. You just have to love a fawn & a magical land
  5. The Yorkshire Pudding Club


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