100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#12

100 word challenge for grown ups

Before you go any further, please pop over to last week’s entries and read and comment on the last entries. They are really good! WEEK#11

I thought the prompt was fairly low key and would produce quite a few entries that would be similar but you came up trumps again! So, I’ve been having a think and I’m going to throw down another challenge!

This week I want you to take on the mantle of a journalist. It can be for any paper, whatever takes your fancy. The headline you are going to write about is: ‘…Euro meltdown fear…’

What would it look like written for the Sun / Financial Times / Observer? Get the idea? You could even move into magazines if the fancy takes you!

As usual, the link will stay open until midnight next Monday 3rd October.

For new visitors, this is a weekly challenge for grown ups who want to explore their writing and want some feedback. You use the prompt and just 100 words! Do try to visit all the entries over the course of the week. It is good constructive advice that leads to improved writing!

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  1. Money Troubles
  2.  Euro meltdown fear
  3. A Child’s Fear
  4. Shameful Shavings
  5. Euro Meltdown & the Eternal Optimist
  6. The EPS factor
  7. The Euro Meltdown
  8. Disney’s Euro Meltdown Fear!
  9. UK not to blame!
  10. Daily Rail
  12. Euro(vision) Meltdown Fear
  13. Euro meltdown fear
  14. Prepare for Armageddon
  15. A gruesome scene 
  16. Fragments from FireflyPhil

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