100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #48

The picture last week certainly split the views with some of you loving it and others leaving it alone.

Hopefully this week will bring harmony back to all. It is simply:-

… I blamed it on the dog…

Your pieces should be 106 words long (the prompt plus 100). Please make sure you visit to comment on others and do leave a link back here for others to find us.

If you have stumbled here looking for a challenge but as very confused. please read ‘What is 100WCGU?’.  Hopefully this will help but if not do get in touch either in the comments below or via twitter (@jfb57)

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  1. Henry Did It
  2. Tale Spinning
  3. Blame it on the dog
  4. Sorry, dog
  5. Department of Gadgets (DOG)
  6. Living Libraries
  8. Anniversary 
  9. A Bit of a Tickle
  10. A Bad Day
  11. Tell Me What’s Happening
  12. Grand Excuses
  13. Pointed!
  14. Blame the Hound
  15. Humanity
  16. Dog Food
  17. I Need the Sleep
  18. Slumber Party Faux Pas
  19. I might just need a new alibi
  20. The Lie
  21. To Chopper
  22. Kriss Akabusi
  23. Fireflyphil from last week
  24. Limebird Writers
  25. Learning from Dogs
  26. Diabetic Redemption 
  27. Hangdog
  28. A Walk in the Park
  29. Fragments from Fireflyphil

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