100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #35

  1. Can I start this week with an apology? You may have noticed that the link was not working for the most of a day. To say I panicked was an understatement because apart from this challenge, there are two others that have 300+ each week. The problem apparently was an upgrade with Linky Tools and as is often the case, it took much longer than expected.Anyway, we’re back online again. For this week’s prompt, I have gone to topical and it is:

    …the red box…

    For our non-UK writers, this week sees the budget being announced and much is made of the Red Box that the Chancellor carries the budget in to the Houses of Parliament to make the announcement.

    You can use any genre and must use the three words of the prompt although your piece does not have to be about finance! Obviously you can only add a further 100 words. Please also make sure that you have a link back here so that folks can find the others to read. If you have found you way here by accident please read ‘What is 100WCGU? and hopefully it will make a little more sense!

    The link will close at midnight on 26th March

    Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list. I will transfer them to this page as soon as possible. Do let me know when you have posted!

    1. Drawing a Blank
    2. The Little Red Box- Susan K Mann
    3. A Red Box – ablogdog.com
    4. Riddles
    5. Under the Peonies
    6. The Box
    7. Mascara
    8. Anglers Rest
    9. The Red Box
    10. Temptation
    11. Cuddles
    12. Don’t Open Up the Red One
    13. An Unexpected Turn of Events
    14. The First One
    15. Going Home
    16. Under the Tree
    17. …I Froze…
    18. Tourist Trap
    19. Paradise Found
    20. Diabetic Redemption
    21. A Middle Aged Matron
    22. Bod For Tea
    23. Autumn’s Challenge
    24. Lucid Gypsy 
    25. The Red Box
    26. An Inappropriate Choice
    27. Woodland Surprise
    28. Hope Marks Time
    29. The Dreaded Red Box
    30. Red Box
    31. The Secret
    32. Tale of Cursed Gold
    33. Limebird Writers
    34. For Love, with Love
    35. We Are Coming
    36. Always Cesare
    37. What Lurks within
    38. What Lurks Within
    39. Wish Fulfilment
    40. The Red Box
    41. Phoenix
    42. Mission-365-Perpetual
    43. Red Boxes to Help Them
    44. Fragments from Fireflyphil
    45. Michaelsfishbowl
    46. Shattered Dreams
    47. Red

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