100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #30

Who would have thought a single word like ‘Wednesday’ could produce such amazing facts, figures and writing! Well done all – I’m still working my way through them because we are growing! Do make sure you visit each other’s especially those last few who often miss out on comments. WEEK#29

Now, for this week I am doing as asked! That is for your prompt to be the same as the children’s prompt on 100WC.The idea was that you and the children could read each others work and compare! The schools are breaking up for the half term holiday here in the UK so this prompt will be open for two weeks.

I have been aware that the news this week seems to have had a familiar thread through it. The shared prompt is …it wasn’t my fault…

If you are new here and are wondering what this is all about do read ‘What is 100WCGU?’ and hopefully it will all make sense. If not do get in touch through a comment below or via twitter (@jfb57).

The prompt will be open until 20th February This will give you plenty of time to read each others and visit 100wc.net to read some of the children’s work. Theirs will not be live until Thursday 9th February so don’t rush over!

Click here to enter your link and this will take you to another page. I will move them to this page as soon as possible!

  1. Ensorcelled – Blog Up North
  2. Redemption? – Five F’s
  3. Aquamarine – Part 3
  4. The Last Day
  5. Late Again
  6. National Enquiry
  7. Knowing More or Less
  8. Sky-Blue-Pink
  9. Faults
  10. Bad Influences 
  11. I Told the Secret
  12. CJ’s Palace
  13. The Fault
  14. Love Dies an Ugly Death Under the Sink
  15. Time Machine
  16. It was my Fault
  17. The Coat
  18. Conference Faux Pas
  19. The Explorer – GSussex
  20. It Wasn’t My Fault – susan writes precise
  21. Turnaround – Darting Dragonfly
  22. You Don’t Like Brie
  23. It Wasn’t My Fault – Exotic Lady
  24. Blame – write tuit
  25. A Typical Scenerio
  26. The Joke’s on Who? – part 5
  27. The Imaginary Friend
  28. Guilt
  29. It’s Not My Fault
  30. It Wasn’t My Fault – Mike
  31. Limebird Writers
  32. Fragments from Fireflyphil
  33. When Harry meets Autumn – Ronitee
  34. It Wasn’t My Fault
  35. Flying books
  36. Dead Computer
  37. Confession
  38. Stranded
  39. Llm Calling
  40. Who Let Them In – Mike’s 2nd
  41. Oliver’s Lizard
  42. The Coming Storm
  43. Writing From the Edge
  44. It Wasn’t My Fault! 
  45. Ofsted! Why oh why oh why?
  46. Beer – It wasn’t my fault!
  47. It Wasn’t My Fault Mum
  48. …It Wasn’t My Fault …
  49. The Oracle
  50. It Wasn’t My Fault
  51. Coming to the Par-tie
  52. Got it!
  53. A Few from the Grown Ups

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