100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #29

Welcome to all our new writers to this silly corner of the blogosphere. It is lovely to see the challenge spreading! I had a wonderful birthday and because I was thoroughly spoilt and whisked away to Paris, I may be a bit late commenting. That is no reason for you all not to go and visit last week’s entries. There are some corkers! WEEK#28

Many thanks to those of you who were kind enough to mention the 100wc.net site which is the children’s version of this challenge. Let’s hope we get more folks commenting on their fabulous work!

Now for this week. There have been songs written about them; poets have poured out their creative juices for them; we organise our lives around them. I’m talking about days of the week. I personally do not like Mondays (cue song ‘Boom town Rats’!) I really like Thursdays I think mainly because they are so near to a Friday. When I was teaching it was the middle of the week that was always odd. If the children were going to be unsettled or the weather bad or a disaster were to happen it was often THAT day.

So the prompt for this week is: ….WEDNESDAY….

As usual you have 100 words and you should include the word Wednesday. If you are new here, please look at ‘What is 100WCGU?’ (I have amended the instructions thanks to a comment from last week!)

Click here to enter the URL of your post. It will take you to another page but I will come back and link it here as soon as possible. It will close at midnight on Monday 6th Feb. Please put a link / mention back to this blog so that folks can read all the other entries. Do go and read each other’s. That’s where the great ideas come from!

  1. Wednesday Morning 3am – Blog Up North
  2. Rivals
  3. Wednesdays Child
  4. A Matter of Perspective
  5. Wednesday
  6. Smile
  7. All would Be Clear on Wednesday – G Sussex
  8. The Day the Little Word was Born – Bod for Tea
  9. But it’s Wednesday! Isn’t it?
  10. Wednesday on the Couch – Discovering Writing
  11. Wednesday…
  12. Wednesday – Susan Writes Precise.
  13. The Scribbles
  14. In the kitchen
  15. Gnome Bureaucracy 
  16. Believe anyway
  17. Meeting the Life Coach – Ronnie Hurtles
  18. My Wednesdays
  19. Benezknees
  20. Left Handed
  21. Ash Wednesday – Darting Dragonfly
  22. Wednesday – Five F’s blog
  23. Derps Dilemma
  24. Writetuit
  25. A Fearful Strength – Hermelness
  26. Lucid Gypsy 
  27. Visitors – cjpalace
  28. Her Name was Wednesday
  29. Wednesday Weeks
  30. Wednesday
  31. What a Strange Language we Speak
  32. What the Mourning Brings – Tale Spinning
  33. Wednesday – mjshorts
  34. Last Diary Entry
  35. Susan K Mann
  36. Ode to Odin
  37. Writing from the Edge
  38. From Granny’s Attic
  39. Wednesday Acrostic Story
  40. Wednesday – Limebird Writers
  41. A Slave to Her Nails
  42. Two Wednesdays – If I Were Brave
  43. Wedunsday
  44. Stood Up – Anglers Rest
  45. Wednesday, Wednesday
  46. Fragments from Fireflyphil
  47. You bought her what ( on a Wednesday!)

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