100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #10

100 word challenge for grown upsWelcome to the new home for the 100 Word Challenge for Grown ups!

Firstly, an explanation for the move. Last week saw some cheeky and even saucy entries. One in particular I took down as I felt it went a little too far. The reason for my action was that as you know the original 100 Word Challenge for the children came from the same blog. I was concerned that they may stumble into the adult version and see things that perhaps were not suitable.

Rather than worry about ‘cross contamination’ (!) I have moved it to this blog. You will still be able to link although you will be sent to another page to do it and you will have the freedom of writing what you want to. HOWEVER – this is my space and I am going to impose some rules on you!

  • Include the prompt (unless it is a picture)
  • Use only the given number of words
  • Do not split the prompt
  • Keep your entries to PG classification (I’m a sensitive soul)
  • Link back to this blog so that folks will see the other entries
  • …and of course do visit as many other entries as you can and give some constructive advice if it’s needed.

Right – enough of the ‘housekeeping’!

Last week saw lots of different genres and this has given me some idea for future challenges – 😉

For anyone new to the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups, this is a weekly meme that gives you a prompt and the opportunity to add a further 100 words to share a creative piece of writing. You link it below then go visiting other blogs.

Your prompt for this week is this photo – a sculpture from the Luxembourg Gardens.

100 Word Challenge, Luxembourg Gardens,

Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list…It won’t be seen here until I manually place it on the list but it will be linked – promise!

  1. Arty Farty
  2. Laurie@battling my critic
  3. The New Girl
  4. Bridget Moans
  5. Oh George!
  6. The Scribbles of Girltartishan
  7. A step back in time
  8. Bridget Groans
  9. Hours & Hours Wasted
  10. SusanKMann
  11. Birthday Party – Robin Hawke
  12. Bewilderment
  13. Jean& Albert
  14. Fragments from Firefly Phil
  15. Dear Secret Diary
  16. The Response
  17. jabblog 
  18. The Flower Girl 
  19. The Village Flower Festival


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