Are your year 5 results poor? Help is at hand!

Test season has come and gone and you are now left with the results. For year 6 teachers the waiting continues but for the rest of the school, you will have a good idea of how your classes have fared this year. Receiving teachers will be preparing  for a new cohort – some with a smile, some with a frown.
Year 5 now have the spotlight focused on them. They are the SATs results for 2017. Are you concerned? Are they lower than you’d hoped? Looking at writing , are you going to have to put something extra in?
100 Word Challenge can offer that boost!
In case you are not familiar with 100WC, it is very simple:

  • I set a weekly prompt of either part of a sentence, a picture or a few words
  • Pupils discuss the prompt and share their ideas
  • They write a creative piece as near to 100 words as they can.
  • This is published onto a blog. I can provide a free blog & some support if this is new to you
  • Once published,the post is linked to where a team of volunteers comment on them leaving some support. It is this aspect that makes 100WC different as it provides an extend audience & a purpose for writing.

The support programme looks like this:

  • I visit the school & run a staff meeting /workshop. (Some schools extend this to local schools to make it a  collaboration)
  • The next day, I work with each class that is interested in using 100WC. For KS1 classes I can use my 5 Sentence Challenge (
  • During the day I can meet with the specific teacher to look at those target children.
  • Following my visit, I will provide a team to comment on the pieces from the target group to get others engaged.
  • I will also be available for follow-up visit or Skype through the year.

This comprehensive package provides support across the year. Teachers will have an opportunity to share concerns, ideas and successes, not only with me but with other teachers in the programme. It can be done within normal class time ( and in some cases can be done as homework) so the timetable will not be altered.
There is a cost as you would expect. Get in touch at for details of the complete package.

It’s less than you think!


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